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About me and this site

HN: 諏訪 丁路郎 Suwa Teijiro (former: テノ Teno)
Hello, I'm Teijiro. (Please call me Suwa or Teijiro. There is no need "-san" when you call me:) )
I can speak English and I like doing but my English is broken frequently. Please give me a break! If you want to contact me, please feel free to email(bsag.note@gmail.com) or to send message via Twitter, etc.

Please feel free to make links to my website. if you do so and tell me about it, I'll be happy.
[Site name] Т-NOTE  | [Master] 諏訪 丁路郎 / Suwa Teijiro
[URL] https://destijl1917.hatenablog.com/
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I keep the copyright of all my works. There is no problem as long as you enjoy it as an individual. If you want to reprint or use my work (ex. for an icon on sns), I would appreciate it if you could specify the author's name(Suwa Teijiro), URL of my blog adress).
*Please refrain from doing as follows: claiming my works as your own and copying and adapting my works as your own; reprinting, exposing, processing, or copying with malice; using my works for commercial purposes without permission.

I used to majored in history, but it's completely hobby about the scope covered in my creation. I try to follow historical facts as much as possible, but only on my premise of self-satisfaction. In addition, although there's possible that it's just my lack of knowledge or misunderstanding, all my works sometimes contain pesonal interpretation, fantasy, deviation from original, self derivative works, coupling of opposite/same sex (you'll be noted about it in advance).
* Click here for references (read books)

<About my original personified characters>
My personified characters are called "nickname" or "with title" for convenience or when I want to avoid finding in Internet search engine like google (when you call he/she, you can call him/her whatever you want).
You can draw/use my character anytime without permission of the author if you want as long as you judge your common sense. also collaboration, collapsing characters, delusions, and entanglement are very welcome (excessive grotesque and eroticism is NG, sorry!). I'll be so happy that you could tell me when you draw/use my character.

<About Teijiro (Details)>
[Favourite] History (particraly world history) / Art (particraly Romanesque and 20th century) / British something / Subway / Personification
[Activity] Blog(here) / Pixiv / Tumblr / Poipiku
[Etcetra] I often say Britain as "my homeland" (it's a joke).

Thank you for reading!


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